3-23-21 Picks

Patience. That is what it takes to make good trades. Well that and a little bit of money helps too.

Since last week I could not find any positions that interested me. Everything was either to over bought and not falling yet or not over sold yet. Then Monday evening comes along where everything in the crypto space, save for a select few, was in free fall. Bitcoin dropped from $57k to $54 and may have even touched $53. Cardano which has startign to recover a bit, started free falling from $1.21 to a wick down to $1.06. It was madness for a few moments and then the bottom hit and things started to turn around. That is when I started eyeballing $THETA, $LUNA, $KSM, $DOT, $VET, and a handful of others.

A close friend of mine had been on the THETA train over the weekend, so when that had a small blip, I jumped in. Overnight I was stoped out twice, and this morning I was able to get back in another good price.

I am keeping my eye on $KSM closely. This is one that has been doubling in price every 30 days or so. I think it might be in a retracement at the moment and am looking for an opportunity to nab it and hold on for a couple of months to see where it goes.