3-16-21 Picks

I have decided to start posting the trades I think are interesting to my site. This is not investment advice, so do with it as you wish and take it what it is for.

Today I have my eye on a two cryptos.


UNI has tumbled 14.5% since the 13th on the 4h time frame. MarketCipher B shows a green dot, and while not a glowing green dot, on this time frame it should not be ignored. I am opening a small position in UNI today.



BitcoinCash is another that had fallen. 15% to be exact. MarketCipher B showed a green dot yesterday on it and since then it has not moved much. I opened a small position on that one last night.

Both of these I see coming back to their previous highs in a few days time. I’ll post an update when I exit the trade and see how I did.

** UPDATE 1 - 3/17/21:

I closed out the UNI position.

Entry $28.74

Exit $31

** Profit 7.8%