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NFT Craze: fad or future?

I have to admit that I missed the whole NFT (Non Fungible Token) craze that really started taking off last summer. I have never been one for collecting trading cards of any kind with the exception of Garbage Pale Kids in the 80’s when I was in 4th or 5th grade. There are only a handful of things I do collect and that is limited to vinyl records and books. So I mostly ignored it.

23 day Bear Market

The chart above is $BTC:USDT 1 Day timeline. It took 23 days from breaking the ATH on Dec 16 to the new ATH on Jan 8. From there the price fell $28,686 at its lowest. Then it went sideways. On Day 23 the price posted one more red candle and then it has been a steady climb up again. I am not going to analyze this for you, but there seems to be a pattern here.


In the last couple of weeks I have been giving serious consideration to deleting Facebook. Just blowing away my entire account. However I have decided not to for the moment, as I like the benefit of keeping in touch with friends and family and for better or worse, Facebook is still where they all are. However after finding out why all iPhone users were logged out of Facebook I did make the decision to delete all vestiges from my iPhone.

Nothing to See Here Move Along

Mary Daly on Blooberg reminds be of the scene from The Naked Gun where Lesly Neilson is telling everyone to move along, there is nothing to see here, while the building is on fire. Or even and even better meme is Bahgdad Bob The whopper of a lie starts at the 5:40 mark in the video when Michael McKee asks her about inflation. Check it out. I feel bad for her because the reality is she can’t come out and speak the truth because if she did what she says would tank everything.

Bitcoin Manipulation

Imagine if you will that the US consumer is consuming more than 18x the amount of refined oil that can be produced in the US per day, yet the price at the pump for a gallon of gas is falling and it’s not just falling it is tumbling. That is the exact scenario that is being played out right now in the crypto market. 907 new coins are minted each day and Grayscale bought 16,000 in one day.

Term Limits? No!

The post Omnibus Spending Bill fallout has the left and the right both justified and united in their anger at Congress. This righteous anger has again created new calls for term limits. While I am sympathetic to the call, I also have to oppose such calls. I’ll try my best to explain why term limits are not a fix and will only make the problem worse and I will offer two options that will actually change things and go a long way to restoring the true idea of governance that was and is still unique to the US.

Facebook OG Tags

Facebook introduced the [https://ogp.me](Open Graph) format however long ago it was, I am not sure. For me, as a website developer and content creator, the OG format is always one of those things I forget about until I’ve published the site and go to share the first post (note to self to add that to the check list). When Facebook does not parse my content I get my sad face on because yet again I have forgotten to add the OG tags.

Another Google Purge

It’s not clear to me who is running Google anymore. Google has decided to purge two programming language groups. comp.lang.forth & comp.lang.lisp Of importance to me is the purge of Lisp. Lisp is one of the oldest programming languages. My favorite editor Emacs is written in a fork of Lisp (elisp). Contrary to what the twenty somethings at Google may think, lisp is still used today. However more important than the fact that it is still used is the historical value the threads themselves provide.

Mozialla VPN

The new broke to me about three days ago that Mozilla has finally thrown their hat into the VPN ring. Yea!!!! A few years ago Mozilla found itself in the unique position as the only alternative browser to Google Chrome other then Apple’s Safari. Opera had dropped their rendering engine in 2013 (Called Presto) in favor of Google Chrome’s Blink rendering engine. Internet Explorer was abandoned by Microsoft and rebuilt from scratch with Google Chrome’s Blink and rebranded as Edge.

The 1st

Here is the first post. I am leaving this as a sample and do not intend to get rid of it. This site is a work in progress. It is meant for my pleasure and to server whatever ends I think are needed. You’ll probably find topics that range from libertarianism to technology and all things inbetween.