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Ron Paul The Tire Reader

Presidents are not an Island. This is an important truism to bare in mind when casting a vote for who you want to be the next President of The United States of America.

My opposition to Mitt Romney, Newt Gingritch, Rick Santourm, Rick Perry, John Huntsman, and even Michelle Bachman and Herman Cain (both have now dropped out) is not solely based on ideological differences. I can find lots of areas to agree with all of them on. In fact as Congressmen, Governors, and Senators I would root and support all of them. In many ways they all have exceptional qualities as individuals that I admire. I don’t doubt for a second that they all are in office to improve the world and our country in some fashion to the best of their abilities and the best of their influence. My hat is off to them for that.

However as the POTUS, it is not just their policy ideas that they are bringing with them to DC, much more important is their appointments to federal beaurocratic departments, judicial appointments, and cabinet level positions. These appointments have to happen and they have to come from somewhere. Generally speaking they come from the Presidents friends and campaign contributors. Understanding the above, you have to ask yourself who would a President Romney or Gingritch, etc. pull from. The obvious answer is his friends.

Watch the short video below. I would like you see something amazing as Ron Paul predicts the next decade [2002 to present] with amazing, dead on accuracy.

So is he a prophet? A sooth seer? Clairvoyant maybe? Not at all. He’s a tire reader. What’s a tire reader you may ask?

Let’s say I drove my car over to your house and we had a conversation over the bed of my truck. During the course of the conversation you look down and see the my right rear tire is bald. There is some steel belt showing through and a bubble has formed on the side wall. You look over to me and say “You might want to get your tire changed because it’s going to blow soon.” YOU ARE A TIRE READER. You stated what is obvious to anyone who has ever seen a tire in their life. You can tell me with certainty that the tire is going to blow soon but you can’t tell me exactly when and where. You can say that if I continue with out changing the tire that I am at great risk of being left on the side of the road with a blown tire and that it will probably be at the most inconvenient time possible. And that my friends is Ron Paul.

That still begs the question how did he know? What tire was he looking at? To answer those questions you have to understand what I said when I opened this post, no president is and Island.

If you look at the past three Presidents, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, you begin to see the pattern clearly. They pull from their social network of rich and powerful people. The people that helped put these men in power have a lot of say in their administration. I’ll make this clear and upfront, it is not a conspiracy, it is a natural process that all of us share. There is nothing insidious or devious about it. It is nothing more than what we as social creatures tend to do. We tap into our sphere of influence to solve problems. You would no more make a complete stranger a Senior Vice President of your company than you would make them Chief of Staff or Secretary of some department. It is social networking.

In the case of President Obama, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, are all top contributors. Which is also the case for President Bush. Not surprising at all Mitt Romney has the same fans as the past two presidents. Which leaves us with the man I  endorse Ron Paul. In case you did not click on the link on his name I’ll list his top 20 contributors so far as of the last reporting cycle. Unfortunately I can only tell you 4 of them because that is listed.

Contributor Total I
Beefcarver Restaurants $1,000
Carolina Designs Realty Inc $1,000
Microsoft $300
Clean Gas Inc $250

That chart speaks volumes.

So America and New Hampshire, the choice becomes even more clear. Do you want 4 more years of Goldman appointees (John Corzine anyone?)  because a vote for Obama or Romney is a vote for 4 more years of Goldman influencing our foreign and domestic policy in their favor. Or do you want the candidate who will appoint such kooks as god forbid, Andrew Napolitano, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, [sarcasm off] and other’s who have their freedom and liberty as their selfish motivation and by logical extension yours too?

The choice could not be clearer. Ron Paul 2012!


**** Permission is hereby granted to copy and reproduce everywhere with or without attribution to me.

Obama Has Picked Who He Want’s To Run Against….Listen Up GOP

On my lunch break I was listening to this video that Peter Schiff released yesterday from his radio show.

Peter does a stellar job of countering the speech and dissecting the POTUS’s propaganda. What really struck me though are Obama’s remarks, they are not directed towards Gingrich or Romney, for all the ideology that Obama is weakly countering is not coming from either of those candidates. Listen closely, Obama is railing against Ron Paul’s limited government platform. That is why he chose to channel Teddy Roosevelt. At 12:30 in the video this rings real clear “ There are some in Washington ….. same old tune – the market will take care of everything…” and this “…even if jobs don’t trickle down, well that’s the price of Liberty…”

All of the clips that Peter plays when looked at from the stand point of who the POTUS is addressing, you can clearly see that there is only one candidate that he could possibly be referring to.

And for those of you who really want to hear the POTUS’s entire speech, here is Part 1 below.